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Wendy Ashton BA, BEd, CDA is an educator with a passion for language and communication, who has lived in Espanola since 1969. After retiring from teaching in 2001, an interest in adults living with aphasia led her to train as a communicative disorders assistant and she worked in that field until 2010. 

The loss of communication skills can be devastating.  Being unable to communicate effectively may lead to frustration, depression, and isolation. These stresses may lead to emotional and behavioural problems and other difficulties.

Cognitive stimulation helps the brain to make new pathways. This "neuroplasticity" results in building cells and connections that may have been lost through damage, disease or disuse. Cognitive stimulation is helpful: 
-following brain trauma such as stroke.
-with memory loss and dementias such as Alzheimer's disease.
-to reduce cognitive decline with aging.

Using philosophies and methods from Montessori Methods for Dementia TM , and Supported Conversation for Adults with Aphasia (SCA TM ), Keep Sharp provides cognitive stimulation in the client's home, according to the client's needs. The uniquely tailored program places emphasis on client interests, skills and abilities to do a variety of activities to "exercise the brain" during relaxed, enjoyable sessions.